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    I get to add-ons > add-on browser then to install zip file but there is no wizard>chef_wizard only Diggz and it does nothing



    hi my pin not working i just had it and its says worng pin . i got 4 digits pin



    Please enter the 8 digit filelinked code 85810914 then the 4 digit pin

    For Diggz please use the filelinked store and get the Xenon build which will guide you through the set up



    No diggz chef wizard was found… now what 😖

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    I’m having the same problem no Diggz chef wizard. What now?



    In filelinked download 17.6 kodi with xenon build, once you get to the build menu you will choose the vault.



    3 weeks ago
    Right after 8:15, things are different. What I got was “install_repo” and a sub folder with “”. I’m using KODI build 18.0 RC2.
    WTD I got the Chef logo but no install wizard and nothing matched up after that.

    Okay, you got me. I want this and its not working.
    Why can’t this be simple. You install “KODI”. Download new skin, install – DONE.
    Where is this XENON build at. Yours?

    Please update.



    I will tell you how I got the XENON build, let me know if it works for you. 1. make sure that you clear kodi chef off your first stick or box, start fresh.( make sure in settings you go to device and then developer options and turn off adb debugging and apps from unknown sources. 2. go into filelinked (if you do not have filelinked then download it, you can follow pretty much any of the videos of the home page of this website. the videos will give you the codes that you need. once you are in filelinked go to KODI 17.6 WITH XENON BUILD BUILT IN, you will see a few different kodi builds, make sure you pick KODI 17.6 WITH XENON BUILD BUILT IN. select down load, once its done it will show you a play arrow on the box click it and it will open another screen, go to the bottom and click on install. It will take a few mins. once its done it will ask if you are done or to open, you can click wither one. if you click done it will take you back to filelinked then you just hit the home button and across the top go to settings and click on that then go down to applications, click on that and it will open another screen, you will see your kodi there. Click on kodi and let it open(here is where you need to have patience) give it 3 or so minutes once it opens, a box will pop up then you will see a bunch of little boxes checked off, just scroll down to the continue tab and click on that. then another box in a minute or so will open click the tab that says build menu or ignore, click on build menu. A new screen will open with a bunch of builds, go down to the VAULT. click on it and another screen will open go to fresh install. Now it will download can take up to 5 minutes or so. Once its done then click on the tab force close. You will go back to the home screen. open kodi back up by going into settings then applications. once you open kodi give it 3 or so minutes to do all the updates. now your in the vault. across the bottom will be different builds, find xenon below it you will see in stall click down then press install, it will open another screnn with all the builds listed, clcik on the one you want xenon and install it. while its downloading it will ask if you want that skin click yes, it will ask a second time click yes. once its complete you re good to go. i use XENON AND EMINENCE. If you use more than one build at the bottom of each build across the bar you will find the vault thats how you get in and out of builds. LET ME KNOW IF THIS IS WHAT YOU WERE LOOKING FOR AND IF IT HELPS YOU OUT.

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