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    I purchased this VPN threw Electrical MD Filelinked Source had it for 6 months with no problems. I then spent a month having problem with all my streaming apps it started with excessive advertisements popping up when videos started to buffer. I would change the player or video speed was when the adds would pop up then my Real-Debrid account stop working contacted tech support they said wasn’t there problem gave me some suggestions to try. Went threw all the troubleshooting problems to find out that they don’t support IPVanish if I turned off IPVanish I had no problems with Real-Debrid videos work fine but I have no VPN. I still have 5 Months left on my account that I can’t use anymore. Has anyone had this problem I have tried to change IPVanish settings but it doesn’t matter they turn off my Real-Debrid account every time I use it.

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